Super Eagles go enjoy well well if NPFL run dey credible – Christian Chukwu


Christian Chukwu wey be the former Super Eagles head coach don suggest say the NPFL don dey head where we woh make it go. Chukwu also add say very soon NPFL go stand strong and go koh gum body with fans as it dey for old times.

Chukwu wey bin play for Nigerian League and National team follow FootballLive yawn say him dey positive say if NPFL grow well, it go show off for Super Eagles body and this go koh make local player dey plenty for national team.

“I dey very happy now say our league don dey grow and when we koh endure this process wey we bin dey so we go see say our league go dey stand and na from this we go dey able to see our national team play well. The time when we bin dey there and when Westerhoff bin dey there, the league bin dey strong.

The league bin dey nice, people go plenty for stadium and you go also notice say na from the local players the national team player go dey picked from

Source: Football Live

Transcribed: Aremo Eludire Isaac


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