AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic: I’ll play on; I want to push myself


AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic says he intends to play on next year.

After undergoing knee surgery over the summer, the Swede is expected to return to action in January.

He told CNN: “I want to be healthy and, as long as I am at that level, I will continue to play to see how far I can go.

“As long as I can produce results, I will continue to play. The day when I slow down, I want people around me to be honest and say it’s slowing down and then I’ll be realistic.

“I think in my case I have this drive, I want to improve every day. I have the mindset that if I don’t work hard enough, I don’t I feel good. And I think it takes you far, it takes you to a level where you challenge your body because it’s about challenging yourself. How far can you go? How far can you push your body?”

Ibrahimovic added: “I emptied my knee once a week for six months. Painkillers every day for six months. I barely slept for six months because of the pain. Never suffered so much inside and out.”


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