All These Shenanigans Won’t Work, Go Back To The Basics A Seasoned Nigerian Coach/Club Owner Based Abroad Advices The NFF And Gives The Way Forward


The Coach and owner of the world acclaimed All Nations Sports Academy based in the United Arab Emirates, Johnson Oma Obrunu, has decried the sorry state Nigeria football has found itself, but says all hope is not lost.

Oma Obrunu, whose Sports Academy has produced and taken players from the UAE and other parts of the world for lucrative professional football deals, told that it baffles him that a big country with massive football culture and talents like Nigeria, doesn’t have a regular and functional under age club competitions! In his words, ” it’s shameful and unheard that Premier league clubsides in Nigeria do not have operational Under-15, Under-17 and Under-19 teams and it’s not even in the plan of the league organizers in Nigeria to have competitive leagues for these age categories. Then how do we expect to unearth the Okochas, Finidis, Odegbamis, Olisehs, Yekinis and other great players of this world?”

Oma Obrunu, the former Coach of Dibba Football Club of Oman, continues

“It’s a shameful thing on the part of the football Heads of Nigeria going out there begging and bringing average players born and bred abroad who are not even good enough to represent their country of birth, will be brought to come and play for a very big brand like Super Eagles of Nigeria.”

The Edo State University graduate of Industrial Mathematics, and holder of UEFA B coaching certificate and going for UEFA A, believes with all these NPFL clubs in Nigeria all having their Under-15s, Under-17s and Under-19s in competitive league matches, he’s very sure that alot of talents will be fished out and they will all in returns return back the gradually lost glory of Nigeria football both at the continental and International stage.
He concludes: “The league body should make it compulsory that the only yardstick that can qualify a club to play in the NPFL is having a functional Under-15, Under-17 and Under-19 teams and should be professionally structured. This will not only give coaches employment opportunities, but will also afford coaches to get these kids worked upon from their tender ages, which will in turns take off all these insipid things we see in some of NPFL league matches where some so called professional players lack the necessary basis in football.”


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