Barca counting on travelling fans to fill the stands in Milan for Inter game


FC Barcelona are counting on the support of their travelling fans to be the ’12th’ member of Xavi’s team in the next Champions League match against Inter in Milan on 4 October.

The tie against the Italian side could be key to getting a foot and a half in the last 16 and every voice of support counts.

That is why FC Barcelona Desplaçaments are offering members and supporters the chance to attend the match with three travel options.

One will be a day trip by plane, leaving in the morning of the 4th and returning once the match is over. This option costs €276 for members and €335 for supporters.

The second option is a flight and one night in a hotel, which costs €498 for members and €598 for supporters.

Finally, the third option is the most economical, with a coach trip, which will leave on Monday night from Barcelona and return once the match is over. The price of this option is €60 for members and €75 for supporters.

The €30 ticket price must be added on top of all travel prices.


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