Brazil ready to wait for Carlo Ancelotti till the end of the season


Carlo Ancelotti’s continuity at Real Madrid is currently the talk of the town. After having undergone a bad run of form where they lost to Barcelona and Villarreal in important outings, the Italian’s links with Brazil intensified over the moon.

However, three consecutive wins have put Madrid right back on track and despite the fact that winning La Liga is still a distant dream, they are still in the hunt to win the Copa del Rey title as well as the UEFA Champions League trophy.

Earlier this month, the Italian confessed that the Madrid management is in his full support and he feels very proud of what he has achieved at the club.

“I feel proud of everything, it [his second spell with Madrid] has been a success so far. I hope to continue, but I am proud of what I have achieved,” he said.

“I think [Madrid president Florentino] Perez supports me. The president is always very affectionate with me, we will be here next season without a doubt, I will respect the contract.”

Despite the Italian’s words, journalist Jorge Picon writes that Brazil still haven’t given up on him and the South American nation is ready to wait right until the end of the season to make a decision.

In Brazil, everyone considers him an ideal candidate but at the same time, they do know that Madrid are quite happy with his services. This is why they are ready to wait until the end of the season and once it is confirmed that the managerial bench will not be vacated by the Italian, only when will they start looking for alternatives.

In that regard, Roma boss Jose Mourinho and Fenerbahçe manager Jorge Jesus are looked upon as alternatives.

On the other hand, if Madrid decide to discontinue Ancelotti’s services, the Italian would gladly accept Brazil’s offer. This has been Ancelotti’s condition since the beginning. Personally, he would never leave Madrid but if he is to depart, he would only move to Brazil.

It is to note that why Brazil are not in hurry to sign a head coach is the fact that there are no important matches lined up for them until September when the qualifying phase of the next FIFA World Cup starts.

In Brazil, they are anticipating that whoever will arrive will have three years of time to get the team ready for the world event while he can also test out his techniques at the 2024 Copa America.


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