Cassano mounts new attack on Mourinho: He’ll never reach the sole of Pep’s shoes


Former Italy star Antonio Cassano has launched a new attack on Roma coach Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho responded to Cassano declaring him little more than a showman by reminding the former striker of his bust-up with Marko Livaja.

Cassano has now offered a detailed reaction today:

Livaja: “I swear that in my 18-year career I have never hit anyone, although I have fought with everyone: presidents, soccer players, prop men. I even threw a TV at a manager, but never came to blows.”

Titles: “I was able to go to Juve, but I didn’t because for me football was always love, passion and fun. If I had wanted to win easily, I would have chosen the Bianconeri.

“Ask Totti and De Rossi: for five years, I made the Romanisti enjoy themselves. I don’t care about the titles. Mou won the Conference with Roma, but with some obscene ridicule: fights, expulsions, disasters, insulted and separated players. You must understand that it is very bad.”

Real Madrid: “I didn’t just have that jacket, I also had two watches, four rings, ridiculous hair and they called me chubby because I was fat. I was 23 years old and the Galacticos signed me, that means I was a phenomenon. I made disasters because of me, but he, there, is remembered for having been thrown out for his horrible football. He knows where to put the trophies that he has won. They already understood where…”

Comparisons: “He will never reach the sole of Guardiola’s shoes, he is a phenomenon and he is bad. When he retires, Mou in three days will no longer be remembered by anyone.

“He only leaves fights and controversies, he never valued a footballer. He should take an example from Spalletti or De Zerbi, whose football is spectacular. I do not judge him as a person, but as a coach he is zero, he is still stuck at 30 years ago as a game, communication, like everything.”

Italy: “They are all lickers with Mou, they have no personality. Nobody here knows how to deal with him, but with me it’s different. He can’t talk about football with me, it was always horrible. People who work at Inter wrote to me and told me that Mou said bull****. My face is always the same, for life.”


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