The Biggest Ever Club vs International Football Clash Await The Beautiful Game Come 2022/2023 Football Season:


It looks like next season is set to be surely the biggest ever clash of international football with club football, in England and every other major European leagues.

The cause of this is of course the 2022 World Cup which will run from 21 November 2022 to 18 December 2022.

The very fact that Qatar ever ended up with the opportunity of hosting a World Cup is an absolute disgrace, with revelations since the original vote having confirmed all the instant suspicions that fans around the globe had, when the votes were announced.

However, on top of that, you may not recall that Qatar were only allowed to bid for the 2022 World Cup on the basis that they would be able to host it in the usual June / July slot. After ‘winning’ the vote though, they were then unbelievably allowed to then move it to this November / December timing.

It is The Times that have broken the story, having seen the leaked draft Premier League 2022/23 fixtures schedule and overall season timings for English football.

30 July 2022 – The Football League kick off their fixtures.

6 August 2022 – The Premier League kick off their matches with 16 rounds of fixtures to be crammed in before the World Cup.

2 November 2022 – UEFA plan to have all six group games in Champions League and Europa League completed before this date.

12/13 November 2022 – Final round of Premier League fixtures before the World Cup.

14 November 2022 – Players able to join up with national squads only a week ahead of the finals starting.

21 November to 18 December 2022 – Qatar World Cup takes place.

4 December 2022 – Championship matches to begin again after the World Cup group stage.

26 December 2022 – Full round of Premier League fixtures, the first of 22 more rounds of games to be fitted in by end of May.

28 May 2023 – Final round of Premier League 2022/23 fixtures.

3 June 2023 – FA Cup final.

10 June 2023 – Champions League final.

So basically, if this leaked draft schedule is put into action, which it is anticipated it will be formally announced soon, as clubs need to plan ahead…players who are involved in the World Cup final and third / fourth place match, will have Premier League games only a week later.

This is going to be crazy for so many players and clubs, not just the elite with elite players involved right to the end of the World Cup in Qatar.

As for Newcastle United, relegation would make it even worse, starting the season a week earlier and Championship games commencing again three weeks before the Premier League will. With every chance Newcastle would still have some players involved in next year’s World Cup.


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