Football legend Pele don kick the bucket


Wetin man go do if death don dey knock for the door?. Pele wey be Brazil legend and wey plenty people dey talk say him be Greatest Player Of All Time don kick the bucket, Pele also don win the World Cup for three times.

Na Pele Daughter put the tori for her Instagram on Thursday say: “Everything wey we talk be say, thank you and say we love you infinitely.

Rest in Peace” na wetin him daughter Kely Nascimento bin talk for Instagram be that. Pele wey be the only player wey don win the World cup three times don die for age 82 inside Albert Einstein hospital wey dey Sao Paulo.

Pele bin score for the Wolrd Cup wey bin happen in 1958 when him bin dey 17years old and him score two goals for the final. Pele na him be the joint all time top scorer for him country as per say him don score 77 goals in 92 matches.

For the 1958 final him bin score two goals against Sweden. For inside him Twitter handle, Pele bin write say: “Inspiration and love na him mark the joueney of King Pele, who bin don rest peacefully today (Thursday).

Love, Love and Love, forever. Pele bin win the world cup for inside 1958, 1962, 1970. Na injury no allow am to play well when Brazil bin lift the trophy for Chile in 1962 but him koh be player of the tournament inside 8 years after the 1962.

Na for the 1970 Brazil bring better better player come and na then Brazil bin lift the Jules Rimet trophy for Mexico when them bin win 4-1 against Italy and na Pele bin score the opening goal. Na that goal make Pele one of the player wey don score for two World Cup finals and Pele na him be youngest player wey don score for world cup final.

Tori Transcribed: Aremo Eludire Isaac


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