From Now on ,we will only Focus on La Masia players – Joan Laporta



Barcelona president,Joan Laporta has said that the club will now go back to focusing on La Masia players and Signing Top players .

Barcelona were known for grooming young players from their tender age in the La Masia academy ,but they have since moved away from that tradition.

The likes of Iniesta,Xavi,Puyol,Messi  were all products of the Iconic La Masia  academy.

Joan Laporta: “From now on, we will only focus on La Masia & signing the best/top players. No more ‘average players’ will be signed by the club.” He said in a press conference held at the club premises .

He continued,”This press conference is called because I want to put several situations into context and to explain what we have found when we arrived at the club.”

The salary policy that we stumbled upon from the previous board is wrong, it’s what the experts call the inverted pyramid, where veterans have long contracts and young players have short ones, and that makes it very difficult to renegotiate contracts.”

Incredible figures have been paid to intermediaries.”

Barça have a negative net worth of 451 million euros.”

“I received the letter from Bartomeu and I see it full of lies. With an effort to justify a management that is unjustifiable.”

“As of today, the debt is €1,350 million. The economic and patrimonial situation is very worrying and the financial situation is dramatic.”

CVC was to mortgage television rights for half a century, and it is not structured as an income but as a debt. The legal structure is not that they make a payment to us, it is like a loan.”

They received 222 million euros for Neymar and they spend it at the speed of light and disproportionately. And now we find ourselves with skyrocketing salaries and amortisations.”

Alba’s salary reduction? I thank Piqué for his willingness to help the club. His reduction has helped us to register players. We can register Kun with the agreement we plan to have with the other players. I hope the other captains act like Piqué.”

We have five sponsor proposals for on the shirt.”


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