Hon Dr Suleiman Yahaya Kwande, Chairman, Plateau State Football Association Celebrates Berom Nation On The Occasion Of Nzem Berom 2024


Cultural festivals, often imbued with rich traditions and vibrant displays, carry more than the colourful attire and jubilant dances featured in their proceedings. They are a binding force that knits the social fabric of a community, rejuvenates cultural identity, and in many cases, fosters unity among diverse peoples.

On behalf of myself, the Executive Board Members, Congress and Football family on the Plateau, I wish to heartily celebrate the Nzem Berom festival with the Berom ethnic group – a gesture that epitomizes the profound connections that can be forged through the embrace of cultural festivities.

As Nzem Berom unfolds with its array of ancestral homage and cultural expositions, it serves as a lens through which the contributions of cultural festivals to social cohesion can be examined.

To us in the football industry, Nzem Berom festival transcends beyond mere pleasure and merrymaking; it is a deep-seated expression of cultural identity and continuity for the Berom people. It amplifies the larger context of social unity, economic vitality, and cultural preservation, the threshold on which football thrives.

While we look forward to an epoch making festival, it is our sincere hope that the next Nzem Berom shall be preceded by *GBONG GWOM’S CUP.* A football tournament that will further consolidate on the peace and unity of the state

*Hon Dr Suleiman Yahaya Kwande*
*Chairman, Plateau State Football Association, PFA*


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