Ibrahimovic hilariously reveals why he believes Ligue 1 is now boring


ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC believes there’s no life after “God” in France.

The ever-modest Swedish legend 41, claims Ligue 1 has become boring since his heavenly presence left PSG six years ago.

The former Juventus, Barcelona and Manchester United striker hopes to return in the new year after suffering an ACL injury in April.

And having played in all of Europe’s big leagues, he feels the French top-flight never recovered from him being spirited away from Paris.

The 121-cap star told the Canalplus TV station: “Since I left France, everything is going down. You have nothing to talk about anymore.

“France needs me. I don’t need France.

“Even if you have Mbappe, Neymar and Messi it doesn’t help you.

“Why? Because you don’t have God.”

Ibrahimovic still reckons he offers fans a religious experience.

And many might think a miracle was involved with his efforts last season.

The ex-LA Galaxy hero helped Milan to the Serie A title despite playing for six months with his serious knee problem.

Ibrahimovic ended up with eight goals in 23 appearances and aims to be back by February at the latest this season.

And although he might think he has other-worldly powers, it’s what he does down here on the pitch that drives him on.

He told CNN: “I have a big passion for my game. I have a different situation now with my age.

“But… I think, when you stop football, you will miss it so much that you don’t want to have any regrets saying I should have kept playing.

“As long as I can produce results, I will still play.

“The day I slow down, I want the people around me to be honest and say he’s slowing down and then I’ll be realistic.

“I think in my case I have this drive, I want to become better every day.

“I have a mentality that if I don’t work hard enough, I’m not feeling good.

“It’s all about challenging yourself. How far can you reach? How far can you take your body?”


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