IMC cut warning give 3SC inside repair of dia stadium


The Interim Management Committee wey dey incharge of the Nigerian Premiere Football League don give 3SC last card for the improvement of dia stadium or them go give them punishment.

The club been carry out renovate for the stadium wey make them dey play there, but dia last match against Nassarawa United come show say the grass for some part of the pitch don begin dey comot. Na this one come make the IMC to give dem the warning to fix am by the end of the first stanza of the league wey be after match week 9.
The warning come as the IMC see say the pitch no come dey good to dey appear for TV wey Oyibo call Television.

If the club fail to do the work, e go make the IMC to carry dia home games go another neutral venue. The club go play dia next hime game against Insurance of Benin.

Transcriber: Alikpang Peter Ebenhe


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