Jurgen Klopp faces a one-game touchline ban after being sent off in victory against Manchester City


Jurgen Klopp is facing a one-game touchline ban after he was sent off during his side’s 1-0 win over Manchester City for ‘losing it’.

Liverpool’s manager was already on edge after several questionable decisions by referee Anthony Taylor, but the one which led him to short-circuit came when Bernardo Silva wrestled Mo Salah over on the touchline and no foul was awarded.

Asked about the incident he said: ‘So, of course, red card, my fault. I went over the top in the moment. I don’t think I was disrespectful to anybody but when you look back at the pictures — I know myself the way I look in these moments is already worth a red card. I lost it in that moment and that is not OK.

‘But I think a little bit of an excuse I would like to mention, how can you not whistle for that foul? I wish I could get an explanation.

‘I don’t know what Pep said, but during the game we agreed that Anthony Taylor just let the things run. Why would you do that?

‘I heard now that people said it was Anfield that made the VAR decision (to disallow Foden’s goal).

‘But with a foul on Mo, Anfield had no chance to make any impact.

‘It’s a foul on Fabinho (in the lead-up to Foden’s goal), I think we agree on that. Then Alisson has the hand on the ball, so that’s a save, how I understand it… imagine now if it hadn’t been disallowed, now we would sit here and talk about three situations where he should have whistled.’


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