Juventus could turn to club legends Del Piero, David Trezeguet and Gianluigi Buffon to ease crisis


Juventus CEO John Elkann is determined to take the club back to its glory days and that might even include the return of a few club legends as new board members.

Chairman Andrea Agnelli and the rest of the board of directors, including Pavel Nedved and Maurizio Arrivabene unexpectedly resigned on Monday, leaving the club in disarray during the mid-season break.

Elkann and president Gianluca Ferrero will have the arduous task of following Andrea Agnelli’s 12-year presidency and they know must bring in board members that will ignite the enthusiasm of the fans.

The Serie A giants will need to find a way to unite the present with some of the club’s history that has included the likes of Gianluigi Buffon, Giorgio Chiellini, David Trezeguet, Alessandro Del Piero, Andrea Pirlo and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Agnelli had created a definitive break with the glories of the past, but Elkann now needs the old stars to make the Allianz Stadium shine again.

President Ferrero, with a role in the Banca del Piemonte, is a man of numbers like the general manager Scanavino and alongside their austere figure of accountants one or two top players behind the desk will be needed.

Sportsmail takes a look into the potential candidates ahead of the club’s January board meeting that could unite the past with the present.


Alessandro Del Piero is mentally ready to open the doors of his home in Turin, leaving the United States of America and his thriving commercial activities in America to help Juventus.

Del Piero is the right man in the right place, he has black and white blood in his veins and the red of passion for his beloved team that accompanies him day after day in any adventure of his life.

Del Piero was born in Veneto but has become a true Turinese: he loves peace, is reserved, has excellent relations with the media, considering his collaboration with Sky Sport, but above all he is a trusted man loved and respected by John Elkann.

According to all the people of Juventus, the place vacated by Nedved must be filled by him and by his extraordinary charisma.

Elkann is sure he needs him but it will be necessary to wait for the complete list of candidates who will present themselves at the next board meeting in January.


Juventus’ greatest central striker of the last 25 years is the right man to be able to scout for new talent and in the past Andrea Agnelli gave him the role of Juventus ambassador in South America.

His profile could also be useful in the operational field as a supervisor of South American football, but ‘Trezegol’s’ dream is to be present in the company organization chart.

Interviewed by ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’, David Trezeguet replied on the future of Juventus in a difficult moment: ‘If Juventus needs me, I’m here and I’m ready to return.

‘Former players are ideal for helping the team in a delicate moment and I’m always available if Juventus wants.’


Gianluigi Buffon is arguably known as a huge part of Juventus for the last 20 years and is the best goalkeeper in the history of the club.

He won a World Cup as a player in 2006 and if Juventus are intelligent they will be able to convince him to stop playing and leave Parma to which he is still linked by a contract.

He is a perfect role model. He attracts young champions and gets a lot of charm from the young players of the second team.


Giorgio Chiellini, who won the Euro 2020 and only recently left Juventus for LAFC, is about to end his career as a player and begin his career as a manager like his brother.

Agnelli ideally would have liked him immediately in Juventus, but he preferred to try an experience abroad.

Chiellini has a degree in economics and has the right technical and professional profile to carefully cover a delicate operational role.

His desire to continue playing may still be strong but a phone call from John Elkann could convince Giorgio to change his mind and return to Turin immediately.


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