Logo for 2026 FIFA World Cup unveiled, fans mock its simplistic design


The 2026 FIFA World Cup is three years away, but Gianni Infantino, president of the sport’s governing body, unveiled the logo for the event on Wednesday and fans are mocking it for its simplistic design.

Infantino, 53, proudly displayed the logo at a ceremony that featured celebrities from around the world, who enjoyed several performances put on by recording artists.

Ronaldo Nazario da Lima walked out with World Cup in his hands and unveiled the logo alongside Infantino.

Romy Gai, FIFA’s chief business officer, explained why they chose such a simple design.

“The Official Brand introduces fans to the tournament’s new emblem, typeface and striking colour palette, three exciting elements that will bring this tournament to life in the coming months and years,” said Gai. “But it also goes beyond that, as we open countless opportunities to local communities and our partners to integrate their own story.”

2026 FIFA World Cup final date confirmed
He went on to state that the simple design will allow them to implement it in several ways with each indivual team.

“A local football fan, a global superstar or a famous location, the brand will spotlight distinctive aspects and highlight the inclusive and diverse aspect of the first FIFA World Cup featuring 48 teams,” said Gai.

It was also confirmed that the final of the 2026 FIFA World Cup, dubbed United 2026, will be played Sunday, July 19.

May 25, 2026 is the deadline for teams to release the list of players who will form part of their squad in the World Cup.


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