Man City set to receive millions from FIFA as Super League project dealt blow


Manchester City have topped the list for the most money paid out to Premier League clubs by FIFA as compensation for the World Cup. FIFA pay clubs every day that one of their players is away representing their countries during the tournament through their Club Benefits Programme.

The scheme, launched in 2010, was designed to compensate clubs for releasing their players. City have seen 16 players travel to Qatar, with Julian Alvarez reaching the final with Argentina.

The club has already pocketed millions, as payments are added the further players reach in the tournament, and the young striker has accounted for a substantial amount of the total pot.

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has delivered its first ruling on the legitimacy of the failed European Super League breakaway of 2021, leaning in favour of opposers UEFA.

Manchester City and Manchester United were two of six Premier League clubs who had signed up for the new competition, which proposed that many of the continent’s elite clubs form their own league with no relegation or promotion while still playing in their domestic divisions.

The announcements drew force backlash from fans across Europe, with the fans of many clubs staging protests outside of grounds and before games.


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