Manchester United’s Aaron Wan-Bissaka To Set Up An Academy And Play For His Country Of Origin:


Although he is not yet playing for the DR Congo Leopards, Aaron Wan-Bissaka still wants to get involved in the development of football in his country of origin.

Indeed, the Manchester United right-back announced in the columns of the Telegraph the forthcoming construction of a football academy in Kinshasa.

The future structure, according to Wan-Bissaka, should “allow people who will join it to have the experience that some of us have here (in Europe, editor’s note) in terms of football facilities, apart from land with the gym and also education with classrooms” .

For the Mancunian, it’s about giving his compatriots who dream of a great career in football the chance to have this opportunity.

“Everyone is chasing the same dream, some are lucky to have it and some are unhappy, so I would like to give something back and I want to give opportunities where there aren’t many” , made clear Aaron Wan-Bissaka, born in London.

The 25-year-old could very soon wear the DRC Leopards jersey.

Credit: Africa Sports


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