NBA round-up: Boston Celtics extend winning run to six games


Jayson Tatum joined the Boston Celtics in 2017
Jayson Tatum inspired a sixth consecutive win in the NBA for Boston Celtics as they defeated the Detroit Pistons 117-108.

Tatum, 24, scored 43 points and grabbed 10 rebounds in the game on Saturday.

The Pistons were leading until the Celtics went ahead in the third quarter.

Grant Williams and Marcus Smart also contributed to Celtics’ score with Williams scoring 19 and Smart adding 18 points.

Elsewhere in the NBA, the Indiana Pacers edged the Toronto Raptors 118-104.

Miami Heat defeated the Charlotte Hornets 132-115 and the Philadelphia 76ers beat the Atlanta Hawks 121-109.

Meanwhile, the New Orleans Pelicans claimed a 119-106 win over the Houston Rockets and the Dallas Mavericks clinched a 117-112 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers.


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