NBBF: Ejike Ugboaja, Gumut misguided. Leave the Ministry out


Kola Daniel

The recent media attack and misinformation aimed at blackmailing the Ministry by some players viewed against the backdrop of Nigeria’s recent ban from the lucrative basketball league Africa is very sad and unacceptable. One begins to wonder what the interest to this players are. Why do they think the Ministry should take sides ? Since September the Ministry has worked hard to resolve the NBBF issue to no avail. Ministry even suspended the October 30 election. FIBA stepped with a stern warning and series of letters
to the Ministry and the Minister. It frowned at government interference and warned of a ban. We managed to escape one, thanks to the dexterity of the Ministry. We made it to Angola.

Ministry has since heeded FIBA advise clearly stated in lettters that are already in Public domain. The Reconciliation committee report recommended toying the FIBA Line and having the congress make final decisions not the ministry.

Ugboaja and Gumut needs to answer some questions and desist from their ruinous and destructive path. Why did he not stop his own election and that of the technical representative? Is he not representing the players Union on the Board? Or has any one stopped him?

What about the yearly leagues in division one and two, that kida got title sponsors for? Who took the Kwesse premier league to court that stopped Kida from organizing? The court threatened kida with arrest for contempt of court for trying to cut corners to do the premier league with his own money and tagged it “the president cup”. Immediately the court dismissed their case, Kida again raised money to do the Orrmuer league up to the last 8, before it was high jacked and ran by the Ministry that now caused Nigeria to be banned by FIBA from BAL.
He said only 2 tournaments, The nations cup and Olympics.

Do you just enter into these tournaments without playing the qualifiers? Which are in numerous phases!
You can see the numerous events Nigeria attended that Patrick posted above. Not to talk of referred development programmed and others, so many programs at the zonal level that were carried out by Kida without sponsorships!

You can see that Gumut is just talking out of pure hatred for Kida’s tenacity and drive to move basketball forward.
If he does not want elections on the other constituencies, tell him to write to the ministry that he has resigned from the Board and let every other elected member do the same.
You can’t be happy that you won your elections and you don’t want other constituencies to have same privilege.

More so, has anyone stopped them from picking forms that are free to contest? The forms are free. Everyone is free to contest for any position, including the president. Except presidents that have served two terms as prescribed by the statutes!
All of them making noise, how many of them are delegates? Which constituency do they represent?

When Buhari was contesting, was it everybody that liked Buhari? So because some people did not like him, INEC should not conduct elections?
Their actions portrays them as illiterate that don’t even know what they are doing! They are just being misled like cows!
If Kida wants to organize a match, will Abuja contain the people that will come! But you can not. Shave like them, that is why he refused to do what they are doing.

Kida is busy campaigning to win over votes with his score cards, while they are busy printing T-Shirts and spreading falsehood!
They should first study the constitution ( statutes) that they were a part of its production with FIBA, NOC and the FMY&SD’s heavy involvement. Kida did not manufacture it in his bedroom. It was a result of Congress decisions that they were a part!

Gumut should have asked his state chairman why he agreed for the statutes to be passed, and which part of the statutes shortchanged him as a player. Is it not the same statutes that got him elected as Players rep? Why did he not turn it down!
Sometimes, I truly wonder how some people’s selfishness, foolishness and utter stupidity is so glaringly displayed to a point of public bemusement!


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