Novak Djokovic don chop another blow as per Australia Open Tournament


Novak Djokovic wey don win 20 Grand Slams don try to see himself through 12 months wey don bring plenty wahala for am.

If you no forget say na for January dem bin deport Novak go back house when him bin talk say him no want Covid-19 vaccination.

If you no also forget say Novak Djokovic don dey denied chance for am to enter North America for four Masters 1000 events and also him be no enter for US Open also.

This matter wey tie wrapper don cost am plenty plenty thing.News don dey fly around say Novak go dey eligible to play for the full schedule for the new year wey we dey look so but the news wey dey out now on the matter of Covid travel restriction don hit am blow for face when dem US government don sama new travel restrictions.

The news wey US government say: “At present, any travel person wey never dey vaccinated no go enter America, this na decision wey we make as per say the case of Covid in China don dey rise”

United State don join Italy, India, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia and Japan wey also don announce say restriction go dey as per Covid and vaccination. United Stated koh later issue another statement saying na only people wey dem give exemptions go enter America unvaccinated.

Djokovic go try him luck to apply for the exemption because him go woh play for the India Wells and Miami Masters event wey go shele for Spring, the thing wey no clear be say wetin him go talk say na him excuse for applying.

Djokovic wey arrive Adelaide this week don talk say matters like wetin happen to am last time for Australia na something wey go stay with am forever, him go further yawn say na something wey him never experience before and him hope say that kinda thing no go happen to am again. Him koh end him talk saying: “Him gaz move on and the fact say him come back Australia show say him love this country and love to play inside Australia.”Djokovic dey one of the players wey fit win the tournament, him don win the tournament 9 times and if dem allow am play next month, him fit win him 10th trophy from Australia. If him no get the chance to play, him go need wait for the European clay court season.Tori Transcribed: Aremo Eludire Isaac


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