Pep Guardiola confirms Bernardo Silva is ‘absolutely’ staying at Man City


Pep Guardiola insisted Bernardo Silva will not be leaving Manchester City this summer, as he addressed the media ahead of his side’s clash with Crystal Palace on Saturday.

The 28-year-old has been linked with Barcelona and PSG across the window, but Guardiola said City have had ‘no phone calls’ about him.

PSG already feared their interest in Silva may have come too late in the window to force a move.

Guardiola said: ‘[Silva] is staying. Absolutely. We do not have any phone call from any club for Bernardo Silva. I tell you he will stay.’

The manager also reflected on last week’s 3-3 draw with Newcastle, saying: ‘I would prefer not to concede but Premier League is Premier League, all the teams have their weapons.’

On Saturday’s match, he was full of raise for Crystal Palace. He added: ‘They defend really well. They are resilient enough. They defend really well. They have good set pieces, good transitions. But hopefully we can break them and win the game.’

‘I rate Patrick [Vieira] a lot. As a human being and as a football player he was a legend of the Premier League and he’s doing a really good job.’

‘We know how good they are. They drew at Anfield a few weeks ago. They are a tough side.’


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