Real Madrid and Barcelona to boycott La Liga Assembly in Dubai


Real Madrid and Barcelona are supposed mortal enemies, or at least have been for most of their years, but more often than not, find themselves on the same side these days.

La Liga have called an extraordinary general assembly to take place in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates for the 7th of December. They notified the clubs of the meeting on the 25th of November, but both Real Madrid and Barcelona have put out statements today explaining that they would not be attending. The assembly, described as urgent by La Liga, is “in order to address multiple important modifications of the statutes and internal regulations of LaLiga,” as per Diario AS.

Barcelona declared that it made no sense to hold the event over 5,000km away from the headquarters of the league, when it could perfectly have been done so.

Real Madrid called the assembly ‘illegal’ and also communicated that they would not be attending the meeting. They also believed it to be completely incoherent and did not understand why it was being held so far away.

La Liga responded claiming that they had made resources available for all club representatives to make their way to Dubai, while also providing the chance for teams to attend online. Their statement pointed out that it is not the first time that the assembly has been held elsewhere too.

It does seems a strange decision for La Liga to hold the event in the UAE, even if the World Cup is in close proximity. The true meaning of the boycott likely stems from other issues, namely, the Superleague. Real Madrid and Barcelona remain firmly in opposition to the other 18 teams in La Liga over the matter. It may well be that La Liga President Javier Tebas attempts to introduce regulations related to the Superleague.


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