Real Madrid may face point deduction over improper alignment in Getafe win


Real Madrid secured three points in Saturday evening’s fixture against Getafe, courtesy of a stunning goal from Marco Asensio. However, they could be in line to lose that victory, following claims of improper alignment.

In the 84th minute of the match, Eduardo Camavinga was replaced by Alvaro Odriozola, following a tough tackle on the Frenchman by Getafe’s Juan Iglesias. However, as Sport have stated, Asensio had already left the pitch to be replaced by Odriozola, before the change was made to take Camavinga off.

As per the International Board, it is suggested that Asensio was already considered to have been substituted, meaning that he could no longer come back on the pitch, which was the case.

“Substitutions will be effective when the substitute enters the pitch. From that moment, the player who leaves the pitch becomes a substituted player, and the substitute becomes a player, so he can resume play.”

If Getafe feel that Real Madrid have been in violation of this, they could file a complaint with the RFEF’s Competition Committee. If they are successful, they would be given the three points from the match, while Real Madrid would have them deducted.

Given that Getafe are embroiled in the relegation dogfight, they will be desperate to secure as many points as they can, and this could be an opportunity to gain three vital points, which could allow them to stay in La Liga next season.

For Real Madrid, the three points aren’t of great importance to them, although they could trail Atletico Madrid further in the race for second place. It remains to be seen whether the matter is taken further.


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