Richard Keys says Chelsea could become ‘laughing stock’ under Todd Boehly after PL all-star game suggestion


Former Sky Sports broadcaster Richard Keys slammed Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly for suggesting that the Premier League should hold a North vs. South All-Star game in an adaptation of American sports.

MLB and NBA host all-star games during the off-season. Boehly suggested that the same sort of event should be hosted by the Premier League.

However, the suggestion didn’t sit well with Keys, who wrote on Twitter that Boehly is making the Blues a ‘laughing stock’ in the world of football. He wrote on Twitter:

“Todd Boehly was this government’s preferred bidder for Chelsea. He’s been described by some who advocate an independent regulator as a ‘laughing stock’. He’s turning Chelsea into the same. The lesson? Govt & their regulators should never be allowed anywhere near football.”
Boehly recently appeared at a press conference in New York and opined about the All-Star Game as he stated (h/t

“Why don’t we do a tournament with the bottom four sports teams, Why isn’t there an All-Star game?”
He further pointed out that these sorts of games generate massive revenue that can be used to better the football pyramid. He said:

“People are talking about more money for the pyramid, in the MLB All-Star game this year we made $200m (£173m) from a Monday and a Tuesday. So we’re thinking we could do a North versus South All-Star game for the Premier League, for whatever the pyramid needed, quite easily.”
However, judging by Keys’ reaction, he is far from entertaining the idea.

Jurgen Klopp reacts to Chelsea owner Todd Boehly’s claims

Jurgen Klopp was shocked by Chelsea owner Boehly’s claims. The German coach suggested that unlike American sports like baseball and basketball, the Premier League has a very tight schedule. Hence, it would be impossible to find a date for an all-star game.

Here’s what Klopp said (via Sky Sports):

“He doesn’t wait long. When he finds a date for that he can call me, He forgets in American sports these players have four-month breaks so they are quite happy they can do a little bit of sport in these breaks. It’s completely different in football.”
The Blues were set to face Liverpool last weekend in the Premier League. However, the league fixtures were postponed this past weekend as a sign of mourning for the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.


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