Senegal’s team band hope to blow England away with own versions of irritating vuvuzela


Senegal fans plan to blow away England’s terrace band at their World Cup last-16 clash with their own version of the dreaded vuvuzela.

The kessen kessen is a tube which when turned upside down makes a sound like rain.

It is one a series of hand-crafted instruments Senegal supporters have brought with them in a bid to drown out Three Lions’ fans during Sunday’s showdown. All are named after the sounds they make.

The pattonkai – better known as a ‘wellow wellow’ – is two pieces of curved wood which are bashed together to beat out a rhythm. Others will batter tumba tambas – high-pitched drums.

While the Senegal sound will be completed by the wail of a saxophone. Collectively fans hope to rival the racket made by vuvuzela horns, the single-note drone of which haunted the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Senegal’s supporters gave locals a preview of the terrace torment they plan to unleash as they rehearsed their song and dance routines in the Souq Waqif in Qatar capital Doha.

Alhadji Diedhiou, 39, said ‘several hundred’ fans had made the 6,000-mile trek from west Africa to the Middle East – and they were hell-bent on making a racket.

He said: “Our duty is to always make noise so the team will win. It will be a very difficult match but Senegal will win. The players are talented, confident and dynamic.”

Sidy Sagna, 47, said the nation’s all-singing and dancing fans will be ‘courageous’ and ‘happy’. He added: “We will beat England and be happy so we are ready to support.”

The Allez Casa band is made up of supporters of top division team Casa Sports de Ziguinchor. Side said: “We are famous for our atmosphere before, during and after the match. We will create an ambiance in the stadium and we will win.”

Sofri Sagna, 32, said: “In all the stadiums in Senegal the women support the men. It is the tradition that when the men go to fight in the guerilla wars the women support them.”


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