Steven Gerrard says he would have ‘loved’ to play in an annual ‘North vs South All-Star game’


Steven Gerrard ‘loves’ the idea of a North versus South Premier League All-Star game but admits there is not enough room in the current calendar.

The idea was first proposed by Chelsea owner Todd Boehly. He thinks the Premier League should introduce an all-star game to help raise money for the English football pyramid.

The American businessman has also called for a ‘four-team tournament’ to take place at the bottom of the table to decide who goes down at the end Premier League season.

When discussing Boehly’s proposal ahead of Villa’s game against Southampton, Gerrard said: ‘From a personal point of view, I’d love to see it.

Gerrard went on to add: ‘I would’ve loved to have played in it [the South Premier League All-Star game].

‘The north would win it — because Liverpool and City are the two strongest teams in the league in my opinion.

‘But I do agree with what I’ve heard a few other managers say — and that is in terms of, we’ve got enough to focus on. There’s enough games in the calendar.

‘And that’s not from a European point of view, so they must be in an even more difficult situation.

‘But I know from managing Rangers, if you’re involved in Europe, the last thing you need is another game in the calendar.

‘It’s a nice idea — one that’s outside the box but unfortunately I can’t see it happening.

‘I’d love to watch it though. I’d definitely have the popcorn out for that one. It’d be a good one.’

Boehly, who completed a £4.25billion takeover of Chelsea in May, has claimed the Premier League could learn a lot from American sports in creating more revenue.

In an interview at the SALT conference in New York, the 48-year-old said: ‘I hope the Premier League takes a little bit of a lesson from American sports and really starts to figure out, ‘Why wouldn’t we do a tournament with the bottom four teams? Why isn’t there an All-Star game?’

‘You could do a North vs South All-Star game in the Premier League and fund whatever the pyramid needed very easily. Everyone likes the idea of more revenue for the League.’

American sports such as the NFL, NBA and NBL host an annual All-Star game in which a number of the best players from across the league take part in an exhibition style contest.


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