Superagent Jorge Mendes leaves Cristiano Ronaldo after Manchester United debacle


It has been a period of transition for Cristiano Ronaldo over the last two months. After his incredible interview while at Manchester United, he has cut ties with not only his club but also his agent.

United and Ronaldo parted ways shortly after the interview, with Ronaldo headed to the World Cup. After Portugal were knocked out during the quarter-finals by Morocco, Ronaldo waited another four weeks to decide his future.

Eventually arriving at Saudi Arabian side Al Nassr, Ronaldo’s exit from European football was as relatively sudden as it was shocking.

According to various sources, Ronaldo has also separated from agent Jorge Mendes. The two had been together since the start of Ronaldo’s career, over 20 years ago at Sporting CP.

However disagreements over the forward’s behaviour and in particular his interview with Morgan led Mendes to cut him loose, as his client became overly troublesome. Their relationship ended in November, and as per Onze, his new representative Ricardo Regule has pocketed a cool €30m from Ronaldo’s move to Saudi Arabia. Regule worked at Nike for a number of years, where he met Ronaldo, before becoming an agent.

Mendes is an expert at finding the right home for both his clients and more often than not, an offer for clubs. The fact Ronaldo did not receive a satisfactory offer in European football could well be attributed to the fact he did not have Mendes’ expertise to hand.


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