World Number Nine Kick Boxer, Hassan Husseini Set To Start A Kick Boxing Academy In Nigeria


Not happy with the level of development and acceptance Kick Boxing is given in Nigeria, Nigerian born K1 Kick Boxer, Hassan Husseini, has been knocking some youngsters to shape, giving them proper professional training in Abuja.

Hassan Husseini, who’s currently ranked number One in Canada and number 9 in the World of K1 Kick Boxing with a record of 9/2 is currently signed to Lion Fight Agency in the USA.

In an exclusive chat with, Hassan, who recently moved to Europe, where’s currently training with Mike’s Gym who are known for producing great fighters and world beaters cum Champions in the UFC and other combat sports said:

“It pains me that this Kick Boxing/Combat Sports that is changing lives of many youths world-wide is been underrated and treated with kid gloves in Nigeria. Apart from putting more than enough food on my table and thousands of others, money in my bank account, this sport changed my life by giving me opportunity to travel the world for fights where many great people are met with immense opportunities.”

Contrary to believe in some quarters, this sport helps health-wise too. It promotes healthy life and fitness at all times.”

He enjoined all and sundry out there to invest in this sport to give youngsters better opportunity to thrive and do better in it; and for the sports to grow.

Speaking on some of the problems, apart from the provision of the necessary facilities for big time performance on the part of the boxers are pride and lack of expansion of knowledge. And above all with Coaches and fighters not getting themselves abreast with the requisite knowledge.

Hassan Husseini’s short stay in Nigeria has seen him discovered youngsters that have shown immense interest in combat sports, of which impeccable source reveals that one of the youngsters will be heading to Mexico and Europe next year for more exposure and growth.

Hassan, concluded by discouraging athletes against drinking and smoking, and other drug abuse, which according to him will never allow them get to the topmost top.

Credit: Peter Ebenhe


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